8 Cheap DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas in 2024


A bathroom is a place where you spend your morning time on every day. After several years of use, you need to renovate or remodel your bathroom. You may have thought about it but postponed the idea due to the high renovation cost. We are here to provide some low-cost bathroom renovation ideas for you.

Useful Tips for Bathroom Renovation in Your Budget


Bathroom Renovation is a simple yet longer process that requires your valuable time. In this article, I am going to tell you some mistakes that can make you run out of money in the middle of the renovation process. So you can avoid those mistakes and apply more affordable techniques.

1. Don’t Expand Bathroom Space:

The expansion of space requires some significant changes in your bathroom. You may need to break one or more walls, which may cost you too much. It is a great idea when you don’t care about money and want to create a luxurious bathroom. So it would be best if you avoided the thought of expanding your bathroom space, it will make the renovation easier and budget-friendly.

2. Don’t Replace All Equipment:

Your bathroom contains various fixtures, including toilet, shower, vanity with sink, bathtub, and many others. When you decide on a renovation, don’t think about replacing all fixtures. The new fixtures cost will eat up all your renovation budget, and you may get into trouble. Therefore you should check which equipment has normal wear and tear, and which requires a replacement.


3. Keep Everything On Its Place:

The main reason for the high cost of renovation is the changing place of various equipment. When you consider the bathroom renovation task, you should change the location of vanity with sink, shower, bathtub, WC, and other fixtures. If you want to renovate like that, it will cost you so much.

If you change the location of the sink or bathtub, you need to change its plumbing too. So you will have to bear the plumbing cost, which will make you spend more money. Therefore it is recommended to keep all the things in their current locations.

For example, you have decided to change the location of the toilet in your bathroom. Now you need to create new drainage to the new position of WC. It would be best if you also worked on the water supply line so that it can reach the bathroom.

4. Use Old Furniture:


The old furniture in your home can be used during a bathroom renovation. For example, It is not compulsory to buy new vanity or countertop. It would be best if you used the old dressing table or other tables to make a vanity from it.

You may need to paint the old table to give it a new look and make a hole in the middle of the table for the sink. By doing this, you can save the money you were going to spend on buying new vanity for your bathroom.

5. Paint the Walls and Ceiling:


You had painted your bathroom years ago, and now the paint is scratched. So you need to apply a new color on your bathroom walls and ceiling. Don’t worry, it is not expensive, and you can also take it as doing it yourself (DIY) project.

You need to purchase a good quality wall paint and a few paintbrushes. It is quite simple and easy to paint the walls with one or two colors. If you use different colors for walls, it will create a different and better look.

6. Check the Toilet:


It is one of the most useful equipment in your bathroom. You may want to change it now, but do you need to change it? Please take a look at it and see what problem you have with it. If it has a leaking issue, it can be fixed with a repair kit.

It would be best if you replaced your existing one with a new one only when it is a high water-consuming lavatory. If your seat is uncomfortable, then buy a new position. If the flush buttons are broken, you can replace them with new ones.

The whole lavatory replacement is also valid when the toilet material is broken from one or more places. If it has normal wear and tear, then there is no need to replace it. Just repair the parts which are broken or malfunctioning to make your facilities like new. Check the best bathroom for home reviews.

7. Get A Refinishing Kit:

After years of use, the bathtub gets some cracks and scratches. If you think about replacing the bath, it may cost you more than $500. But I have another idea, i.e., get a refinishing kit. The refinishing kit allows you to fill minor cracks on your bathtub and other fixtures.

You can use the refinishing kit for filling cracks or apply them on the whole bathtub to give a completely new look. This kit contains epoxy, and you can apply it on any fixture constructed from fiberglass, ceramic, or porcelain materials.

8. Tiles On Walls:


The bathroom is the most humid area in your home as it has a lot of water around it. The humidity affects the walls of the bathroom. You can paint the walls if they are free from moisture; otherwise, you need to do something. You should apply tiles on the bathroom walls, you can purchase them fromĀ Floors To Walls UK.

You may need to spend a lot of money to apply tiles on all four walls of your bathroom. But that’s not what I told you to do. I suggest you should check which walls are affected by the humidity and apply tiles on those walls only.

Generally, the humidity affects half of the walls up to the middle spot from floor to ceiling. So you need to get tiles for half area of the wall and apply a good quality paint on the rest of the wall area and other barriers. It will provide a better appearance and save your money.

It is essential to take care of little things when renovating your bathroom. We have shared all those things here to help you with your bathroom renovation project.