Cheerleader Sues The Dallas Cowboys!


Well, we didn’t even know that this was possible, but apparently – it is. The Dallas Cowboys are having one weird problem right now. One of their cheerleaders has left the team and is suing the ‘Boys because the mascot for the team was getting paid more than she was. Apparently, that shouldn’t be the case, but the Dallas organization made a mistake.

The name of the cheerleader is Erica Wilkins. She filed a suit in the U.S. District Court for Nothern District of Texas just a couple of days ago. She is claiming that America’s Team hasn’t paid her minimum wage and that she made a lot less than the mascot did. Actually, we are talking just a quarter amount that the mascot made.


By doing that, the Dallas Cowboys violated an Equal Pay Act and Fair Labor Standards Act. Because of that, she decided that she was going to take action.

She said that the team is the beneficiary of the bodies and images of cheerleaders, that they are working hard to get and stay in shape and that she needs to be respected for that. Erica also stated that this is not fair to her because she put in so much hard work, and yet she doesn’t get what she deserves. It is a form of disrespect, there is no doubt about that.

When she was with the Cowboys, the most she made was 16.5 thousand a year. On the other hand, the Dallas Cowboys mascot Rowdy has made 65 thousand dollars a year, at least according to the lawsuit.

She also went on to say that Rowdy is just a costume, everybody can be Rowdy because you don’t have to have the look to be a mascot. On the other hand, the cheerleaders need to work on their bodies in order to keep the job. That is why Erica didn’t want to let this go away.