Chicago Bears vs. Dallas Cowboys – Week 3 Picks And Predictions

After that much-needed win against Washington, the Dallas Cowboys are looking to take advantage of the schedule and win another game. They are entering as the heavy favorites against this Bears team. Anything but Cowboys win would be a huge surprise.

Bears will start with their backup QB Bryan Hoyer after Jay Cutler injured his thumb. He will be out for at least two weeks, and Hoyer needs to fill the void. This might not be a bad thing for Chicago as Culter hasn’t been all that impressive so far this season.

Hoyer is an experienced Quarterback who has a record of 15-11 as a starter in the NFL. His confidence might be shaken after that loss to Chiefs in last year’s Playoffs when he was with the Texans, but Cowboys D is nowhere near Kansas City’s defense from last season.

Dallas has looked good against a decent Redskins squad. Dak Prescott has been impressive so far, and they got their biggest weapon on offense going against Washington. This will be a big day for Prescott and this Cowboys offense. As a matter of fact, this should be a coming out party for Dallas’ signal-caller.

Both teams will put up some points, but at the end of the day, this Bears team is just not good enough to hang with Dallas. Boys’ D is not elite, and Hoyer should be able to score few times. But, that won’t likely be enough to overcome Dallas. It’s going to be a decent game, but Cowboys should win it 27:17.