Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers – Week 7 Picks And Predictions

After that disappointing loss at Lambeau on Sunday, the Packers won’t have to wait for long to get back on the field. They will be hosting the Bears on Thursday and rebound after that horrible loss to the Cowboys. They will get the chance to let their frustration out on their biggest rivals, the Chicago Bears.

Jay Cutler won’t get his job back when he returns from a thumb injury. It’s Hoyer’s turn to lose it at this point. He is playing good, and he is proving to be the better quarterback at this moment. Obviously, this is also the choice that fans and players want under the center. Jay Cutler looks like a past in Chicago. Bears had the chance to beat the Jags on Sunday, but that game just slipped away.

On the other hand, the Packers are just not looking like themselves. Their offense is not as explosive as it was in the past and Aaron Rodgers is just a bit inaccurate at this point. That is something we don’t expect that from one of the most talented QBs ever. He needs to get it together just like this team as a whole does.

Eddy Lacy is running the ball with some efficiency, but they are not giving him the ball a lot. Yes, he is playing with a minor injury issue, but the main problem with him is the fact that he has put on some weight since coming to training camp.

In the end, the Packers are a much better football squad and should win this game by default. Bears will be fired up since this is one of the biggest rivalries in America, but still, Green Bay should take it fairly easily with 31:17.