Here Is Why Chicago Bulls Good Start Is Fluke

There were a lot of questions about how will the Bulls offense look with three players on the perimeter while they can’t shoot the ball with great efficiency and volume. That is needed in today’s NBA and the Chicago Bulls just don’t have it with Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, and Jimmy Butler.

That didn’t matter in Bulls first three games as they went undefeated in those before Celtics handled them last night without Horford and with Crowder not playing in the second half. Their good start might be for real, but we think it’s a fluke and here are our reasons.

They just won’t be able to be consistent with their shot. Rondo is almost not needed for them as Butler and Wade both require the ball in their hands to be effective. Wade is making his threes mostly because he will take just a few attempts since he is not able to knock them down on a consistent basis.

Their depth is questionable, and their defense even more. They have scored over 115 points per game in their first three matchups, but their offense is not as good as those numbers have shown. Gibson and Lopez are decent in the frontcourt, but there is no spacing there, chemistry issues will start as soon as December comes.

This is a playoff team, but they won’t be better than 6th seed. Likely 7th or 8th and maybe even out of the playoff picture. Bulls fans should enjoy this as long as they can, we think it won’t last for long, and this squad will get down to earth soon.