Could The Chiefs Be Interested In Tony Romo?

Dak Prescott is the future of the Dallas Cowboys, and he will be the quarterback for this team going forward. With that being said, the Dallas Cowboys will spend the majority of their offseason trying to find a trade partner for Tony Romo. He is just too expensive for the Cowboys to have him sitting on the bench. Romo is under contract with Dallas through 2019, so he is likely to be traded for draft compensation if teams are interested in what he brings to the table.

There is a lot of speculation about which squad could be interested in Romo, with the name of the Denver Broncos always coming to mind. Now, there are reports that another AFC team with good defense might be interested in bringing a guy like Romo. Rapoport has reported that the Kansas City Chiefs have been looking to upgrade at the QB position after losing in the Divisional Round for the second straight season with Alex Smith leading the way.

“It was noteworthy when Andy Reid was non-committal to Alex Smith,” Rapoport said on the NFL Network. “They’ve made a QB trade in the past, doing so for Alex Smith. They’d have to be considered someone who would be a possibility. ”

Alex Smith is a fine NFL quarterback, a guy that is not going to turn the ball over and put you in jeopardy. But, he is just not the playmaker that the Kansas City Chiefs need in order to beat the New England Patriots and other big AFC teams in the Playoffs. If the Chiefs are looking to move on from Smith, Romo might be a solid option for them.