Chiefs Slide Into The Second Seed After Win In San Diego

Chiefs had the second seed in their hands a couple of weeks ago after they have beaten the Oakland Raiders. Then, they blew away a match against the Titans at Arrowhead. Raiders took advantage of that, but Carr went down, and everything is now falling apart in Oakland as they have had to opt for their third-string quarterback.

Chiefs needed a win in San Diego today against always dangerous Chargers team, while they needed Broncos to help them with a victory over Oakland. Those things happened, and Kansas City is now free next week, while the Raiders will have to go on the road to face the Texans in the Wild Card Weekend.

Denver’s win was never in question as McGloin even went down with the injury. On the other hand, Tyreke Hill made enough plays for the Chiefs for them to win in San Diego.

Now, the Chiefs are the second seed in the AFC and will look probably to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Divisional Round. If Pittsburgh losses to Miami, then it’s possibly the winner of Houston and Raiders matchup.

All in all, this was a big day for Kansas City. They went from having to win two road duels in order to get to the AFC Championship game. Now, with this win and Raiders loss, they need one win at Arrowhead to make an appearance in an AFC Championship Game. Raiders, on the other hand, will have a tough time in the postseason with two of their quarterbacks likely out and unable to play.