A Child Saves His Neighbors During Hurricane


Hardly anyone can imagine what kind of a situation it is to have your house flooded and imagine what they would and should do if this happened. These days we can witness all sorts of difficulties that arise when people deal with floods. We have written about one.

It’s 2 am, flood water has reached your eyes, and you are pushing an air mattress at the back of an apartment building. You have to push through debris and water, at the same time trying to keep calm and giving your best to save families who are screaming for help. Moreover, you are 13 years old.

Virgil Smith, who is only 13, rescued 17 of his neighbors during Hurricane Harvey.

His mother Lisa Wallace and he took shelter at a stranger’s second-floor apartment when their apartment in Dickinson got flooded.

He says that his friend in another building called him and asked him to go over there and help them because they couldn’t swim. Afterwards, he swam back to his apartment and pulled out the air mattress his family gives to guests in order to rescue his friends.

Smith said that he had put him, his two sisters, a baby and his brother and that he had had his other friend by the hand there and he had set his mother and step-father on the air mattress.

Other two neighbors helped him to push the mattress holding his friends across the flood water back to his mother on the second floor stairway.

Then he moved on to saving other neighbors.

He added that they had found an old lady in a wheelchair in one apartment.

Lisa, the mother of the brave boy, said that all she had been thinking about was that he was able to rescue people and that he could swim and that all she needed was faith and it would all turn out good, which eventually was the case, thank God.