China Shoots Down Missiles Near North Korea Border – Show Of Force

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It seems that North Korea is gradually losing its allies or at least those that are not completely against it and its nuclear program. China is definitely one of those countries that do not want to see a military solution in its neighborhood, but they did shoot down missiles to show the force.

Military drill that has been held by Beijing sends a clear message to Pyongyang. The task of this exercise was to show that they are more than capable of protecting their territory in case anyone tries to attack them by launching missiles.

This show of force was done in the Yellow Sea close to North Korea border. Central China troops were there to stop any surprise attack, and everything was done as a simulation of a real battle.

In the report from the press, we could conclude that new weapons were tested for the first time and that they were quite successful at shooting down airborne missiles. This comes as a response to a latest nuclear weapon test of North Korea and their recent ICBM launch.

Reports are suggesting that Pyongyang plans additional weapons tests that will probably include long-range missile. As a result of growing tension, South Korea decided to deploy US anti-missile defense system. Move like this angered China which they showed multiple times but it was further fueled with military build up.

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Latest drills done by China seriously indicates that Beijing is concerned with North Korea even history confirms that they were allies. One of the moves that were done in an effort to sanction North Korea is the suspension of coal imports that represents a big chunk of income for their neighbor. That is not all as other countries are pressuring China to help out and solve the growing crisis.

We could hear both Russia and China calling for a diplomatic solution to the crisis but someone needs to make a move, and hopefully, that move will be in the right direction. We certainly do not need another conflict, especially one that could mean the start of the World War 3.