Choosing Proxies for Brand Protection

If you are a business owner, you know exactly how important it is to keep your brand protected against counterfeiting and other fraudulent activities. With advancements in technology, innovative ways are being developed to enhance internet security.

However, most businesses are still prone to cyber attacks, phishing, and counterfeiting. These malicious activities can damage your brand’s reputation and cause irreversible damage.

Luckily, proxies can be used to ensure brand protection and take down hackers before they act. This quick guide will break down all the things you need to know about brand protection and proxies.

Companies and brand protection

In case you didn’t know yet, brand protection means giving your products protection against plagiarism. It involves safeguarding the Intellectual Property (IP) of your company as well as its partner brands against copyright pirates and counterfeiters.

It also offers protection against other types of IP infringers such as design rights, color marks, trade dress, and patents. Additionally, brand protection safeguards your company’s reputation, image, and overall business value.

Unknown to many business owners, piracy and counterfeiting not only affect the business but it also has a heavy effect on the economy. Below is a rundown of some of the negative consequences that your business is likely to experience does not have brand protection:

  • Loss of revenue: If your products are duplicated by counterfeiters, they are likely to sell them at a lower cost. This will result in a considerable sales loss for your company.
  • Tarnished track record: Once your products are subjected to counterfeiting, your brand’s image can suffer. Some customers may start skipping your products and would move on to other brands that are dependable, have high-quality products, and are not duped by counterfeiters.
  • Expensive legal costs: The process of suing counterfeiters will take months and is very expensive. The time and money you will spend on a lawsuit against counterfeiters could be used to invest back into your business.
  • Loss of trust from business partners: Counterfeiters can take a toll on your company’s relationship with business partners. Your partners may start questioning your brand’s reliability once they see that your products are easily forged by a phony brand.

The importance of proxies in brand protection

Proxy does more than just unblock Netflix content. Proxies act as a mediator between a computer or mobile device, a private IP address, and another internet server. Proxies are extremely important when it comes to brand protection of your business.

They allow you to enforce proper security for your systems and devices to prevent breach that could cause irreversible damage. Besides, they help keep your connection anonymous to prevent hackers from tracking the original source. Additionally, a reliable proxy will enable you to detect fraud so that your brand will always be protected.

Here is a list of the major reasons why you should invest in a proxy server for your business.

1. Improve institutional and corporate security

A proxy server can protect your business against data breaches. This is because it places an additional security layer between your company’s servers and the outside traffic. In other words, a proxy acts as a buffer.

2. Anonymously perform sensitive tasks

Because proxies offer the ability to anonymize internet traffic, you can protect your company’s ongoing research and development, as well as other vital activities against hacking.

3. Balance traffic to avoid server crash

It is highly essential for your company’s website to have fast and uninterrupted server speed. Proxy servers can help balance the incoming internet traffic in order to keep your site up and running.

4. Regulate internet usage in the workplace

A proxy server can help regulate internet usage within the workplace. Furthermore, it can prohibit access to inappropriate and unsecured websites within your company’s networks.

Main proxy types

Now that you have an idea of the importance of proxies for your company’s brand protection, let us now look at the main types of proxies.

1. Residential proxy

Residential proxies are considered the best type of proxies for the majority of uses. These proxies are IP addresses of actual, physical devices.

Residential proxies are almost undetectable, allows easy data access for clients, and helps clients avoid geographic cloaking or restrictions.

2. Datacenter proxy

Datacenter proxies are artificially-created IP addresses at data centers. These proxies are mainly known for their excellent speed and performance. In addition, they can collect a lot of information quickly.

However, because they share an IP subnetwork from a single server, datacenter proxies can be easily subjected to a ban or cloaking. Plus, the servers need professional maintenance.

3. Anonymous proxy

Anonymous proxies offer the ability to forward requests for connection without giving any of the client’s information. An anonymous proxy hides your IP address and location, thus, making it ideal if you want to browse the web anonymously.

4. Shared proxy

As the name suggests, a shared proxy can be used by multiple clients at the same time, at any time. Because of that, shared proxies are the most affordable types of proxies. Given that shared proxies process multiple connection requests at a time, they need robust network architecture.

5. Dedicated proxy

Dedicated proxies are the opposite of shared proxies, meaning that they can only be used by one user. As a result, these proxies are used to protect IP addresses against blocking or burning out because of overuse.

The best proxy for businesses

When it comes to choosing a proxy type for your business’s brand protection, a residential proxy would be an ideal choice. Not only are residential proxies cost-efficient, but they are also almost impossible to breach. This is because it uses the real IP address to mask the original IP source. As a result, this proxy will offer optimum protection for your brand and keep hackers at bay.


If you want to protect your brand from hackers and keep your systems safe from fraudsters, then you need to invest in a dependable proxy from a reliable provider. When making your selection, ensure to consider certain factors like IP pool size, bandwidth, customer support and more.