Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens – Week 12 Picks And Predictions

This divisional rivalry will be revived on Sunday as Bengals will travel to Baltimore and battle with the Ravens. Both teams are in a tough spot and nothing, but the win here would work. Bengals are almost done but are still in play just because nobody in this division was able to separate themselves from the pack.

The same thing can be said for the Baltimore Ravens as they lost four games in a row. They still did a nice job two weeks ago, but last round Dallas defeated them. So, this squad is back to losing.

Joe Flacco is not doing so great this season, but to be honest, it’s not all his fault as his weapons are having a tough time getting open and staying on the field. Bengals defense is not what it used to be so it’s a perfect opportunity for this offense to make a statement.

Bengals are dead in the water now. They technically still have a chance to win the division, but in reality, that is not going to happen. AJ Green‘s season is over as he suffered a season-ending hamstring tear last week. Their running back is also done for the year, and now this offense is looking pretty slim.

Seeing the performance of the D-line, we think that they are not going to help squad as they were struggling all season long. Ravens offense is far from impressive, but the way this Bengal defense has looked so far we wouldn’t be surprised if they expose them even more.

This is not going to be a high-scoring game. AFC North games are always close duels with two teams struggling to score as the rivalries are pretty heated and every crew is putting in extra work in order to get the win. That’s going to be the case again this week. Joe Flacco will be having a good game and will lead his Ravens to 20:17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.