Cincinnati Bengals vs. New England Patriots – Week 6 Picks And Predictions

Nobody really thought that Bengals would get destroyed the way they did against the Dallas Cowboys. They made Dallas’ pass rush look like one of the best in the NFL. They need to do a much better job this Sunday in Foxboro if they want to stand a chance against New England.

Tom Brady is back, and this Patriot offense looks like it could challenge Steelers’ for the best offense in the game. We are still going to give the nod to Pittsburgh’s attack, but this one is pretty close. Dual TE system is back in New England. Martellus Bennet and Rob Gronkowski have been dominant in Cleveland this past week, and it’s going to be interesting if Bengals can stop them. Hogan and Edelman are there also and catching passes. Tom Brady is a tremendous boost to this squad, and pretty much all the puzzle pieces are in the right places.

Tyler Eifert should be back for Cincinnati this week, and Andy Dalton needs him. Defenses are focusing on AJ Green too much, and Dalton needs another weapon at his disposal. Eifert is a big target, and he should help this offense. But still, it’s the defense that needs to give more in this game and put up a performance of the season in order to beat the Patriots.

It’s still surprising that Bengals lost the way that they did in Dallas. And that is why we can’t trust them in this game. They will put up a fight in Foxboro, but Tom Brady will be just a bit too much for Bengals to handle. Tight ends will dominate with Gronkowski being the one who will explode on the Bengals. We predict Patriots to win this game 31:20.