Clash Royale News and Updates

Clash Royale is going to be updated soon, and there will be some interesting changes the fans will like. The details about the update can be seen on the official Clash Royale website, so this means that it is definitely happening. Here are the changes.

There will be new challenges which include Triple Elixir, Sudden Death and Ramp Up, but soon we expect a Golden notification at the Tournaments tab. Furthermore, Battle Deck slots get unlocked at Level 8, while you will be able to invite players directly to your Clan or put your friends to your Clash Royale friends list.

Also, you will be able to set Clan Chat to On and Off, while you can use TV Royale or shared replays to copy decks. At Level 1, clans will be unlocked, but you will have to wait for card requests until Level 3. Giant Chest will offer more Rare Cards but less Common or Gold Cards, on top of that the last ones will be available to get from Magical and Super Magical Chest.

Clash Royale will offer new cards – The New Legendary Card features the Mega Knight, The New Rare Card features the Flying Machine, The New Common Card features the Skeleton Barrel, and the New Epic Card features the Cannon Cart. Last but not least, new 2v2 game modes are available, and challenges include 2v2 Draft, 2v2 Challenge, and 2v2 Friendly Battle, and in these battles, you can collect chests.

Once Clash Royale is updated, you will be able to see a 2v2 button on the main screen, and you can use this to invite friends, Clan mate or an online friend to play a 2v2 Battle. Only for seven days will the button be here as a test run, but after that, it will be restored for the Summer of 2v2 event.

Clash Royale can be downloaded on your mobile device for free, but if you want particular items, you need to spend some money.