Cleveland Browns Win Their First Game Of The Season


Cleveland fans are pretty satisfied how their basketball squad is playing. The complete opposite of the Cleveland Cavaliers is the Cleveland Browns that are maybe the worst team in the football league. They went 0-14 in first 15 rounds. They were competitive to start the season, but after that, they got blown out in most of the games. Well, in Week 16 they got a Christmas present as they have won their first duel of the season.

Their last victory was in late December of 2015. Their fans had to wait for a year to see the Browns end up on the winning side after the final seconds. It wasn’t easy on Saturday, but they got the job done against the San Diego Chargers.


The offense was pretty disappointing as Robert Griffin III failed to throw for over 200 yards while Crowell ran for only 54 yards. But, he was great in the red zone as they had given the ball to him when it was time to score and he delivered with two touchdowns to go along with his rushing yards.

The defense showed the performance that was by far the best that they have offered in a long time. Chargers are known as a high-powered offensive team that doesn’t play much defense, but the Browns were able to slow down Philipp Rivers and his wideouts. Melvin Gordon was out for this matchup, and the Chargers struggled to run the ball on this Cleveland defense. That was the key for Browns squad to win, their first of the season, and they will avoid going 0-16 and having a winless year.