Clippers And Knicks Looking For A Third Partner In Carmelo Anthony Deal

Carmelo Anthony was offered to the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Cavs and Cs shut the trade offers down. Cavaliers are not looking to make a major move like that and not willing to part ways with All-Star Kevin Love in order to acquire Melo. Celtics, just like the Cavs, were not interested in giving up some of their assets so they would add Carmelo to the roster.

But, according to Reports, the Knicks and the Clippers might reach a deal if they are able to find a third team that is going to facilitate the arrangement. Clippers don’t have much to offer to the Knicks since they are not going to part ways with one of their three stars. New York is not demanding that, but they would like some pieces for the future like a young player or a draft pick. Both camps feel pretty good about the deal, but they need to find that third team.

Melo has his no-trade clause, and he would need to be on board with the transaction, but he has stated that he could waive it for a team that is contending for a title. With him on the squad, they would be a serious contender. LA as a destination is also good as Melo likes it almost as much as he digs the New York.

If not the Big Apple, the City of Angles is the second best option for a residence. Carmelo Anthony wouldn’t mind Los Angeles. Anthony’s great friend Chris Paul is also on the LA Clippers so that can play a big role in him waiving his no-trade clause for the Clippers.