Cliven Bundy Net Worth: How Much This Man Owns?

Cliven Bundy Net Worth 2018

Cliven Bundy is a cattle rancher from Nevada, and he is an inspiration for all of those who want to make a living from this branch. However, fighting with the government over the fees is a tiresome business and many look at Bundy as a hero and inspiration. But how much he has managed to earn by selling cattle? Here is Cliven Bundy’s Net Worth in 2018.

Personal Life

Bundy was born on April 29, 1946, in Las Vegas as the son of David Ammon Bundy and BodelJensel Bundy. He learned cattle grazing from his father when he was just a boy. Today, Cliven is married to a woman named Jane Marie Brown, and they have a lot of sons and daughters.

Two of his sons Ammon and Ryan Bundy were the leaders of the 2016-armed militants and 2014 Stand Off, but they got arrested. According to several reports, he has armed guards who are protecting him whenever he has a problem.

Career and Achievements

Besides being a rancher, Cliven often fights the government and participates in local affairs especially when it comes to ranching. He supports the sovereign citizen movement that doesn’t accept any form of a government and their laws.

His dispute with the government started in 1993 when he refused to renew his permit for cattle grazing. His movement at one point was considered to be a terrorist threat, but he reassured his followers that police couldn’t do anything. Cliven was arrested several times, but they couldn’t sway his beliefs. He also had controversial statements against African Americans.

His recent arrest was in 2016 in Portland when he was charged for various offenses such as conspiracy to commit a crime, carrying of firearms, assaulting a police officer, etc.

Cliven Bundy Net Worth

Through the grazing and sales of cattle, Cliven Bundy’s net worth is $2.5 million. Approximately, he earns around $300,000 annually. And with his fight against authorities, he is perceived as a hero by many!