CM Punk Offered More Money To Return To Wrestling

Last week we heard the rumors starting to swirl around about one company that is willing to pay CM Punk one million dollars in order to return to the professional wrestling. Even though he has stated that he has no intention of returning to the ring in the near future, the 5 Star Wrestling has offered him a lot of money to do so.


It is unclear whether or not they have that kind of money. But, if we had to guess, we would have to say that they probably don’t as they are not a big promotion. Their 128-man tournament is coming up soon, and they thought that by doing something like this, they would get people talking about them. One million dollars is too much for promotions like that, so the fact that we are right now writing about them makes their marketing stunt successful.

Now, it seems that they still want to be in the news, so they have upped their offer, and they are willing to pay Punk, even more money for him to join their event and be a participant in the tournament. They have gone as far as to say that they are willing to talk to Dana White about letting Punk go and allowing him to wrestle for them. As we stated, it is just a marketing move, a great one by the way.


CM Punk is really not all about the money. This guy got a pig paycheck when he fought in his UFC debut, while he also earned a lot of money while he was a wrestler for the WWE. He is not the kind of guy to waste all of his earnings, so it is safe to say that money is not something that is going to attract him to return. In his own words, he will be back when and if the passion for the business returns.