Coin Billionaire AR Brings Tower Defence into your Living Room, Literally

Augmented Reality games blend the real world with the world of video games. They bring video games into our world so that we can interact with them in a different way. Coin Billionaire AR is another one of the AR games that do this by letting you place digital coins around your physical world which you then need to protect from dangers.

The idea is very simple, and those who play tower defense games will feel a little familiar with the kind of gameplay it has. Players need to use strategy and reaction skills to place coins and traps to protect the coins. While the idea is quite simple, it does become more difficult as it progresses which is great, so players have time to learn the game without being thrown headfirst into chaos.


To start with, you must rotate your device to landscape physically then you need to find a nice flat surface to play the game on. The floor is perfect for this, but you do want to have just the surface in the camera lens. Keep the device pointed at the surface then once the game has recognised it, you can start placing down the precious coins and vital traps around the surface.

Since this game can be played on the floor, it does mean that you have a potentially huge gameplay area. Well, Coin Billionaire places a layer of digital tiles on your chosen surface which is where you will play the game. You will be given different items at the bottom of the screen for you to select and place different items across the floor.


Players don’t start out as a billionaire, the character just finished their coin biology degree, so clearly, they have no money left and probably a lot of debt as well. So they need to start a coin farm to grow and collect coins. It’s another simple concept, plant the different coins and earn more from the coin plant that it must be making. There are a few different coins in the game to plant, and each one gives a different return. While it’s definitely profitable to go for the ones with lots of return, they grow on higher levels which exposes them to more dangers and risk. So there’s a chance that you might lose the coin and the money it gives you. Don’t worry though, the game progresses at a decent pace, so you have time to get used to everything before being handed more valuable or exotic coins to plant.

There are a lot of dangers in the game which includes exploding insects which have the power to destroy your coins. In the higher levels, at the start of the game, you will need to focus on using a cannon to blow away all things that want to harm your precious crops. The sounds are fine, however, when there’s a lot of cannons firing at once, it does become a headache inducing. So it might be best to play this game with the sound turned off.

While this is a single player game, there is a small online element. There’s a leaderboard that lets players compare themselves to the scores of others. It doesn’t add a huge amount to the game, but if you’re a competitive person, then you’ll definitely be pleased by this feature.

Coin Billionaire AR is currently an iOS exclusive game. There is no version for Android right now but developer RiseAngle, a publisher of AR and VR games, may release one at another date. If Coin Billionaire AR sounds interesting enough to any Android users out there, then it’s worth following the developer on Twitter to see if there are any future updates.