The Evolution of Collage Maker Online

Creating a collage is now a common practice. If you want to showcase some of your photos, featuring them in a collage is a good idea.

Of course, making a collage hasn’t always been as easy as it is now. We didn’t always have access to the online collage makers available today.

In this article, we’ll discuss how collage making has evolved over the years. Moreover, we’ll talk about the history of this artistic technique and how it has developed over time. Read on to learn more about collages and get inspired to make new ones!

The Origins of the Collage

As with many art forms, the practice of creating collages has been around for a very long time. Art historians note that people have been creating collages in China dating all the way back to 200 BC. The practice of collage making endured through numerous centuries, with the technique gaining popularity in other parts of Asia and Europe.

Those early collages shared similarities with the ones we make today. Even so, there were enough differences that you may not recognize those early collages right away.

It wasn’t until the 19th century that modern collage really started to come into focus. Back then, papiers collés started becoming popular. Papiers collés featured papers that were cut out and then glued back together in order to create a work of art.

During the 20th century, artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque developed the technique of making papiers collés further. According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, Picasso and Braque used elements such as wood, paint, and newspapers to create their new artworks.

More artists continued to hone the collage technique from there, including Dada and Max Ernst. During the 1960s, pop art collages became more prevalent.

The art form has only grown since then.

The advent of technology has helped further develop collage making. You can now easily access a collage maker online. Creating a collage of your own is now easier than ever and for more info, check out

The Emergence of the Collage Maker Online

It was only a matter of time before online collage makers became popular. Smartphones have a lot to do with that.

Back in the day, you needed a camera, some film, and patience to get the pictures you wanted. Taking and collecting pictures was fun, but it wasn’t something you could always do on a whim. You had to plan several days or weeks ahead for a photoshoot.

Smartphones changed the game in that regard. They also effectively paved the way for the collage maker online.

Thanks to smartphones, taking pictures didn’t have to be as much of an effort. You could just open up the camera app and start taking pictures immediately. Capturing photos became so easy that people routinely filled up their smartphones with them.

It was only natural that people would want to do more with those photos. That’s where the collages came in. Collages gave people something different to do with the pictures on their phones.

You can now go online and find all kinds of collage makers to choose from. We are now spoiled with choices when it comes to online collage makers.

The Continued Development of the Online Collage Maker

If you were using an online collage maker early on, you may not have been too happy with it. The early collage makers weren’t always the easiest to use. Many of the early adopters had to fumble around with them to create the collages they wanted.

The main issue many people had with the early collage makers is that they were too complicated. Trying to mold your collage into the form you wanted was a challenge. You could end up with a misshapen mess pretty easily because the collage makers weren’t making things easy for you.

Today though, collage makers are more user-friendly. Take the collage maker online provided by

The aforementioned collage maker gives you numerous pre-designed templates to choose from. Select the one you like and start making your desired collage art right away.

Collages are now easier to make thanks to those templates. The templates are there to guide you.

Online collage makers today also give users easier access to their photos. Users can take photos from their own libraries or upload them from a different source. Regardless of where the photos are coming from, the online collage maker can access them quickly.

Collage makers have also done a good job of improving their customization features. You can do more than just upload your photos and arrange them in specific patterns.

Users can now add filters to the photos they upload to collage makers. They can also add text and stickers to further spruce up their creations. You can even lend a more personal touch to your new collage by adding a watermark.

You will decide how to customize your collages. The modern collage makers are simply there to make things easier for you.

Integration with Social Media

Social media has also influenced the development of collage makers significantly. It’s common to find a collage maker online that provides templates specifically designed with social networking sites in mind. Some templates also double as headers you can use for websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Collage makers also make uploading your creations to social media.

Once you’re done applying the finishing touches to your latest collage, you can upload it directly to the website of your choice. After a few clicks, your newest collage should already be viewable to your friends and followers.

Evolution in Purpose

Collage makers have also evolved in terms of purpose. People still use them for personal reasons more often than not. However, many have also seen their potential as marketing tools.

Entrepreneurs and businesses can effectively show off their products using collages. They also come in handy for promoting upcoming events.

Collage makers have evolved a great deal since they first went online years ago. It’s exciting to think about how much more they may develop moving forward.