CollegeHumor Co-founder, Ricky Van Veen Gets New Job at Facebook Inc

Facebook Zuckerberg F8-2

Just a year after saying that Mark Zuckerberg is the most powerful person in the world, Ricky Van Veen co-founder of CollegeHumor is now going to work for him at Facebok.

The co-founder of the IAC CollegeHumor website is joining the social media network giant as the head of the global creative strategy. This is just one of the newly created positions. The job description includes Van Veen working with more of the company’s media partners, firms, and creators encouraging them to create even more videos and stuff for Facebook.

That makes it look like Van Veen is going to be more and more involved in the process of getting off more stuff for the Live Video feature present on Facebook, and also the 360-degree video format it launched recently. At the moment, Facebook has been paying some celebrities and entered partnerships with various companies to support and advertise the Live Video feature, as they continually modify and make the feature even better. And in all this, Van Veen comes in and will try to help along.

In a Facebook post announcing his move to the company, he wrote that he was going to be working with all kinds of creators and organizations to help each other use the social media network synonymous with success and also engage in helpful and meaningful content. Experts also assume that Van Veen and Facebook content VP, Nick Grudin might decide on making Facebook invest and back specific pieces of content, rather than just sending content makers money and let them do what they want.

Van Veen, together with three co-founders created CollegeHumor back in 2000, after which they sold the site together with some other assets that he had which included Vimeo. After that he has been working on several projects linked to the IAC, (the company he sold his assets to). He worked on the Food Network’s “Chopped”, and the NBCs “Running Wild with Bear Grylls.” He has managed to build an extensive network and contact list for himself over the years and is also married to a celebrity, Girls co-star Allison Williams.

Van Veen gave a very humorous message last fall in an interview with a reporter when he said that Mark Zuckerberg was the world’s most consequential person. In the interview, Van Veen said that the company, (Facebook) had gotten bigger and it was all in control of one human. And in some way Facebook is the Internet which would make the person responsible for it the gateway to news, commerce, and communication.

One code push from Facebook could impact all the news sites, and has the capability to block Fortune 500 companies chance to reach their customers. Facebook can also send alerts to every spouse in the world if their partner has recently connected with an ex. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, he said.