Comparing The Salaries Of Dak Prescott And Tony Romo


A quarterback position is the most important one in all of the football. It is one of the reasons why they are paid pretty well, and they are worth the most money on the market. If the QB plays well during the rookie year, these guys could sign a major extension later with the team as it’s in those franchise’s best interests to sign him long-term.

Finding your franchise signal caller is not an easy thing to do. When you think that you have found somebody that can lead this team for years to come, you want to lock him down long-term. Dallas Cowboys have found themselves in a position in which teams are not often in. They had two franchise quarterbacks on their roster at the same time.

To make things even more interesting, the one that is much younger and cheaper was a starter while the experienced and an expensive one cheered him on from the pine. The injuries played a big part in the rise of Dak Prescott, but that was probably the best thing that happened to Cowboys.

Now, they can let go of Tony Romo and use that money wisely. Even though it is important for a team to have a quality backup quarterback, Tony Romo’s salary is just way too big for him to be sitting on the bench. As a matter of fact, his cap hit is almost 50 times larger than Dak Prescott’s.

As of right now, Tony Romo’s cap hit is $24M. It is the biggest salary cap hit on the team, with Bryant coming in as second with 7M less than Romo. On the other hand, Prescott’s cap hit is only $650,000. That is the main reason why Romo will most likely have to leave Dallas.