Confirmed release date for Google’s Allo app

If you are a tech savvy than you probably know about Google’s new messaging app that is supposed to cut down on your typing time by using machine learning so it could suggest you appropriate responses for text and picture messages. It was announced at I/O conference that took place in May this year and thanks to Evan Blass professional tipster, we now know that Allo will launch on September 21.

What exactly is Google’s Allo? As we previously mentioned it’s an AI-based app (uses your phone number to identify you) that utilizes mechanic learning to offer you best response in accordance with the text or picture message you received. With this, Google wants to reduce the time you need to type a reply and make everything easier than before. It is made in a fashion to support Google Assistant with which you can chat alone or even use it when you are chatting with someone. It will help you for instance in search for a good movie that’s playing in a theater near you or a nice place to have dinner, and let you make reservations straight from the app.
It is also supposed to identify pictures and questions and offer appropriate answers for you via smart reply. For instance, if you received a picture of a cat, dog or a baby it is supposed to provide an answer like “So cute.” Furthermore, if someone texts you if you are up for a party next Friday, after you tap the prompt it will answer “I am in.” It also offers you to change text sizes after you typed it by simply moving send button up or down, and Ink option lets you post a photo to your friend and then draw on it. Google is so confident in this app and its abilities that they claim it can with 90% accuracy recognize things like dog breeds and even pasta types.

This is all cutting edge and very interesting, and we just hope it will be enough so Google can win over the wast amount of WhatsApp and Messenger users. Thanks to Evan Blass and his inside tips that have proven pretty straight forward so far, we will not have to wait long to try this app and see for ourselves what it can really do. Just a few days more!

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