Conor McGregor Suspended For Two Months

The MMA Champion Conor McGregor has received a two-month suspension for medical reasons after he was knocked out by one of the greatest boxers of all time Floyd Mayweather.

Mayweather, who is 40, fought McGregor on Sunday in what the media called “the fight of the century” and knocked him out in the 10th round of a match that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The American came back from the retirement just to fight the Irishman, and he will definitely be remembered as the unbeaten boxer with 50 victories. McGregor, who is much younger (29), fought well, but he couldn’t beat the experienced Mayweather.

The Nevada Athletic Commission that allowed McGregor to fight Mayweather suspended the Irishman for two months until 26th October, which is just a regular procedure every fighter goes through after they have been knocked out. McGregor must avoid physical contact until October 11.

The commission will need to do McGregor’s physical after the suspension is over in order to establish whether the fighter is ready to get back in the ring and continue his successful MMA career or go to boxing. Also, the commission praised the decision of the boxing referee Robert Bird to stop the match after McGregor obviously couldn’t defend himself anymore.

The Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennet said: “Robert did an excellent job. Mayweather continued hitting, left and right, and it was the right time to stop the fight, and I believe that we couldn’t ask more of Robert.”

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