Continuum Season 5 Cancelled

Created by Simon Barry and directed by DGC Award winner Patrick Williams, who also serves as the executive producer (known for “Shattered” and “Smallville”), “Continuum” is a Canadian sci-fi drama series which aired on Showcase channel in Canada and Syfy channel in the United States. Besides Williams, Reunion Pictures partners Lisa Richardson, Tome Rowe and Matthew O’Connor also contributed to the series development as executive producers. Produced jointly by Reunion Pictures, Boy Meets Girl Film Company, and GK-TV, “Continuum” was first released on Showcase in May 2012.

Brief Storyline

This action drama is set in distant future, in 2077, but being a sci-fi series, it leaves room for its characters to time travel, precisely to 2012. Continuum follows a group of terrorist which goes back in time together with police officer Kiera Cameron (played by Rachel Nichols). Kiera joins forces with Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster) in order to track down the group of self-proclaimed freedom fighters, while at the same time trying to hide the fact that all of them (including herself) come from the future.

In addition to Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster who play the lead roles, the series also stars Erik Knudsen as Alec Sadler, Roger Cross as Travis Verta (one of the terrorists), Stephen Lobo as Matthew Kellog, Lexa Doig as Sonya Valentine, Omari Newton, Jennifer Spence, Luvia Petersen, etc.

As already mentioned, the drama first aired in 2012. Then, three more seasons were released, with no more than a year gap between the new season and the previous one. So, Season 4 came out in October 2015, and, unlike the first three, it comprised only six episodes. However, that’s not the only thing that disappointed the viewers. What comes as an even greater disappointment is the fact that this is the final season of “Continuum,” as it has been confirmed that the creators firmly decided to cancel the renewal.