Cost effective ways to get your business recognized

Marketing is one of the foundational activities of each and every business. This is how they increase their brand awareness across all target markets. With the growing technology, companies have figured out many ways to get their products and services recognized.

Over the past several years, businesses have come up with new ideas to make their services and goods better known. Gone are the days when businesses relied on a custom neon sign, a leaflet drop or a newspaper ad, there are now a plethora of tactics to be utilized.

Here are some cost-effective ways to conduct efficient marketing:

  1. Social media

Social media is the king of digital marketing in this day and age. There are several ways in which social media can be utilized by businesses. They can either use them as platforms to sell their products and services or use them as a platform to promote it. There are many social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Just create an innovative marketing plan and execute it accordingly. With any look, it will go viral!

  1. Build a website

It has been proven that a business that has its own website tends to be more effective in getting their products and services recognized compared to those that don’t. This is why building a website can be inherently important. However, there are some website designers who tend to be very expensive, it’s definitely worth shopping around. Fortunately, you can also build your own. There are several platforms on the Internet that offer tutorials in this field, which is obviously a more cost-effective solution.

  1. SMS marketing

This is one of the ways which has been undermined by many people. If orchestrated professionally this is an effective, direct and affordable way to market your services and products. Through an SMS service, your message can quickly and easily be conveyed to the target market. Pretty much everyone has a mobile phone and will receive your message almost instantaneously. Whether you are running a large or a small-scale business, SMS marketing can be a very lucrative marketing tool. It helps to make your brand more recognized. (As long as the campaign is targeted, not spammy and doesn’t become a nuisance with multiple messages, or messages that arrive in the middle of the night!)

4. Content marketing

Content marketing has been around for a long time, and it has proven to be very effective. However, there are still many businesses which are yet to avail the benefits of content marketing. Producing quality content, that people actually want to read is a sure fire way to get more customers. A well-written article has the potential to be shared thousands of times, each time getting viewed by a potential new customer, so it’s definitely worth spending time on this. This is one of the ways in which businesses can enhance their digital marketing strategies and get more customers without putting an extra burden on their budgets.

    1. SEO

SEO is one of the ways in which you can increase your brand awareness. It helps the business to improve their digital recognition by getting a better ranking on the search engine. However, do your research and look at reviews before enlisting the services of an SEO firm. Some consultants can be expensive, so it may take a long time to see an ROI if you ever do.  You can opt for more affordable services but ensure that you know what you are looking to achieve and that the results will be worth the investment.

The bottom line

Marketing is of paramount importance to each and every business. We’ve discussed many different solutions but it’s always good to have a varied marketing strategy, so you aren’t putting all your eggs, (and marketing budget) in one basket. Depending on the nature of your business, and the audience you are looking to attract you may find one style works better, but always be on the lookout for further outreach opportunities.