Could Jones be Interested In Cousins?! Charean Williams Believes So.

As unlikely as it can get, there are people in NFL circles that believe Cowboys might be interested in Kirk Cousins. Dallas franchise is missing a lot of pieces on both offense and defense to create a playoff team, but it seems that they are not in need of a QB. Linebackers, wide receivers, safeties, and defensive ends are wanted in Big D, but there was no mention of a quarterback need.

Dallas Cowboys insider of Pro Football Talk, Charean Williams believes that Jerry Jones is thinking about Kirk Cousins: “We’ve seen it so many times with his intrigue with quarterbacks. We saw it back with Johnny Manziel. [Jerry Jones] just gets in his head some of these quarterbacks that he falls in love with. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a little love there for Kirk Cousins and is thinking about those down-the-field throws.”

Oct 25, 2015; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones before the NFL game against the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, maybe Jones has thoughts about Cousins, but only in his wet dreams. Moving in to sign him would be a shock for entire NFL. When Kirk gets signed by an NFL team, he will command the biggest contract in football. At the same time, America’s Team has its franchise QB in Dak Prescott, and they have nowhere near the funds to sign a free agent of Kirk Cousins magnitude. Prescott is entering his third year, and with the potential, he showed it is too early to write him off.

Yes, Cousins could be an excellent fit if he landed in Dallas, there is no doubt about it. He’s the type long-thrower such was Tony Romo and could provide big-play momentum that Cowboys were missing last year. It could also make Dez Bryant a feared WR like he once was. With the offensive line that Dallas has and Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield, Cousins could be on his way to greatness. The attacking options that Cowboys miss in a speedy receiver could be gained through the draft or if they trade Dak Prescott to a QB-needy team.


But, turning their back on Prescott is not something Cowboys will do. Last year he played half of the season without either RB Elliott or LT Tyron Smith. Entire franchise and fan-base are probably eager to see what he can do with both of them healthy in 2018. And, the Dak-friendly mantra is the slogan of the off-season so they probably won’t back out on that.

But it’s been a while since Jones did something eccentric and surprised the US sports journalism and football league. Maybe Kirk Cousins is his ace in the sleeve.