Would The Cowboys Have Beaten the Falcons If They Advanced To The Championship Game?


Even though Dallas Cowboys‘ had a good year and made a big step towards the future, they can’t feel quite satisfied with how their season ended. They were the number one seed in the NFC, had the home field advantage, and the road to the Super Bowl had to go through Dallas.

It did go through the Big D, but Green Bay got out of Dallas on top. If the Cowboys had won that game, they would have hosted the Atlanta Falcons at AT&T Stadium. Could they have beaten them?

Atlanta’s defense is average at best. Beasley is a beast, but Dallas offensive line could have kept him in check. This Cowboys offense has been great all season long, Ezekiel Elliott ran all over every single defense this year, and he would have done the same against the Falcons. Keeping this Atlanta’s offense off the field is what would help Dallas as their defense is just not good enough to handle that high-powered offense that Falcons have.


Even though Atlanta Falcons can do the same things to Dallas that Cowboys can do to them on offense, Matt Ryan is a big question mark. He has been pretty shaky when he had to go on the road and win the Playoff game away from home. Could he really handle that pressure? Even though it would have been a pretty tight duel, we think that the Cowboys would have probably won that match if these two squads had met in the NFC Championship game.