Cowboys Chances Of Winning Lombardi Dropped After The Draft

You can’t judge players that just got drafted before you see them play, but many analysts do precisely that. Dallas Cowboys front office stated that they are satisfied with how 2018 NFL Draft went for them, but some people think differently.

According to a betting website Bovada, America’s Team’s chances to win the Super Bowl dropped after the draft ended. Before the draft, their odds were standing at 18/1, and now only a few days after they selected players they thought are deserving of the star, their odds have dropped to 30/1.

Even before the draft, their chances to win the big prize were going down because of their inactivity in the free market. From February 5th (18/1) they have dropped to 28/1 by the end of March. On top of that, Jason Witten decided to retire, and Cowboys don’t seem to have an adequate replacement for this man, plus, the free agency isn’t rich at TE position.

From the turn of the year, and especially after the Super Bowl the favorites were New England Patriots, despite their loss in the SB vs. Philadelphia Eagles. Their odds stand at 5/1. The defending champions have 8/1 chances of winning this trophy which makes them favorites in NFC. Philly franchise is one of seven teams whose chance of winning Lombardi increased after the draft. Big D franchise, on the other hand, is one of the 24 teams whose stocks dropped. New York Jets are the only franchise whose odds remained the same (100/1). Below you can see the odds for every NFL team.

1. Patriots: 5-to-1
2. Eagles: 8-to-1 (Previous odds: 17-to-2)
3. Rams: 9-to-1 (Previous odds: 14-to-1)
4. Vikings: 12-to-1 (Previous odds: 9-to-1)
5. Steelers: 10-to-1 (Previous odds: 12-to-1)
6. Packers: 12-to-1 (Previous odds: 14-to-1)
7. 49ers: 15-to-1 (Previous odds: 14-to-1)
8. Saints: 22-to-1 (Previous odds: 18-to-1)
9. Texans: 25-to-1 (Previous odds: 22-to-1)
T-10. Falcons: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 20-to-1)
T-10. Raiders: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 22-to-1)
T-10. Broncos: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 25-to-1)
T-10. Seahawks: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 25-to-1)
T-10. Cowboys: 30-to-1 (Previous odds: 28-to-1)
T-15. Jaguars: 35-to-1 (Previous odds: 22-to-1)
T-15.Chargers: 35-to-1 (Previous odds: 33-to-1)
T-15. Panthers: 35-to-1 (Previous odds: 33-to-1)
T-18. Chiefs: 40-to-1 (Previous odds: 33-to-1)
T-18. Colts: 40-to-1 (Previous odds: 60-to-1)
T-18. Ravens: 40-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
21. Titans: 45-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
22. Lions: 60-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
23. Buccaneers: 65-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
24. Giants: 75-to-1 (Previous odds: 50-to-1)
T-25. Redskins: 80-to-1 (Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-25. Cardinals: 80-to-1 (Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-27. Bills: 100-to-1 Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-27. Browns: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 66-to-1)
T-27. Dolphins: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 70-to-1)
T-27. Bears: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 80-to-1)
T-27. Bengals: 100-to-1 (Previous odds: 90-to-1)
T-27. Jets: 100-to-1