How Should Cowboys’ Fans Feel About Green Bay Beating The Giants?

Since the Seattle Seahawks got the job done at Century Link Field against a reeling Detriot Lions team, we knew that the winner of the matchup between the Green Bay Packers and New York Giants would travel to Dallas in the Divisional Round to face the Cowboys. The big story was whether or not Dallas can beat the Giants in their third matchup or whether they should want the Packers to win as they have beaten them in Week 6.

Well, they won’t get another crack at the Giants as they were dominated in the second half by Aaron Rodgers and this Packers offense. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had to leave the match for the Giants because of an injury, but Packers didn’t have Jordy Nelson who is Rodgers’ number one target. The simple story here is that the rest of Green Bay’s wide receiver core stepped up while New York’s defense didn’t.


Now, the Packers are on to Dallas. This is probably not the matchup that Dallas wanted. Even though they lost twice to Giants, those two contest were very close and could have gone to any side. They know what to expect from New York.

On the other hand, Green Bay is not the same squad that they were in Week 6 when these two teams met. Rodgers was on fire yesterday in the second half against one of the best defenses in the NFL, and he was without his number one option. If Nelson can go next week, Dallas’ defense will have a tough task.

We know that Dallas’ defense is not great. If there is a man in the NFL that can expose this defense, it’s the leader of the Packers, Aaron Rodgers.