Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ Reaction After Win Against Giants

ARLINGTON, Texas – Jerry Jones is known for his post-game ritual when he goes to his team’s locker room to have a speech, and the game against Giants was no different. It was the same ritual once again, he talked to coaches and players, and minutes later, the media was let inside.

Dallas Cowboys won against the Giants, the score was 19 – 3, and of course, Jones was followed by a mob of reporters and a cameraman after the game.

Jerry Jones, a 74-year-old billionaire, was nothing but smiles during his five-minute Q & A and it was quite obvious that he was hyped about this season-opening win especially because of the last year’s season opening game.

In 2016 his beloved Cowboys suffered three losses (13 – 3 in the regular season), and two of those three were from the Giants while the third one came in the last round against Eagles as they used this match to rest their main guys.

“The one thing I really looked at (after the season) and thought was, ‘Do (the Giants) have our number or are they doing something with what we’re trying to do that maybe we weren’t aware of?’ I know our coaches spent a lot of time looking at those games during the offseason and I think it paid off for them.”

Hell yes, this was a downright revenge, and it was delivered splendidly, the Cowboys were doing exactly what they wanted with the Giants from the beginning to the end. Gaining 233 yards of offense and only 35 on the ground surely wasn’t enough for the Giants to impact the game more significantly. They also didn’t convert a third down until the second half while the Cowboys sacked Eli Manning three times. When it comes to tactics, the Cowboys outdid their rivals.

“Every phase played well,” Jerry claimed.

Jerry Jones was surely satisfied with the flamboyant Ezekiel Elliott because he played great even though he had some personal issues few days before the game. A federal judge stopped the NFL from forcing a six-game suspension after an accusation of domestic violence coming from Ezekiel’s ex.

Everyone at Dallas Cowboys feared that Elliott’s suspension would begin this week, but after the ruling, they were happy to know that he would be eligible for their season opener.

“I think every person who’s a part of the Cowboys was lifted by that (judge’s) decision, and it was a good one,” Jones said. “Although (Elliott) was playing in this game no matter what, the idea that we can have him for an extended period of time was certainly inspirational.”

Jerry also had words of praise for tactics that his team used against the Giants. The aggressive game plan set up by Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan who made QB Dak Prescott attempt 39 passes and handing off to Elliott 24 times was what made Jones extremely happy. Dallas dominated the game when it comes to possession, 34:14 to 25:46 and Linehan was the one responsible for that along with Dak.

“I think that’s our team,” Jerry stated. He went on to add that he personally has no issues regarding the current play-calling.

The Cowboys defense also managed to hold the Giants to 233 yards and 13 first downs.

“(Allowing) three points is hard to do in the NFL, especially against a team that we respect as much as we respect New York,” Jones stated. “I am really proud of what these guys have done,” he concluded.