Cowboys Still Favorites In NFC East Even If Elliott Is Suspended?

There is a chance that Dallas Cowboys’ star running back Ezekiel Elliott gets suspended because of the domestic violence situation that happened last year. The Cowboys are favored to win the NFC East right now, but should they remain the team to beat even if their best offensive player misses some time because of the suspension? Well, we don’t think so.

Even though the Cowboys will still be a formidable force and a squad that will be tough to beat, without Elliott it is just a bit of a different story. He is the one that made the difference last year between them being a good and a great team. He was one of the MVP candidates for a reason as he was the leading rusher in the NFL. You don’t replace that kind of a production easily.

By the way, it is not like the Dallas Cowboys are overwhelming favorites to win the NFC East. Yes, they are the defending champions and an opponent to beat in this division, but their rivals got better in the offseason. Eagles are now better on both sides of the ball while the New York Giants got a new major weapon for Eli Manning on offense. A lot of people are sleeping on this squad as well.

When you consider the fact that they are not the odds-on favorite and that they might be missing their best player, we can’t say that they should remain the team to beat in the division. If Elliott is not able to play for a couple of games, the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins will be looking to make the most of the opportunity. Especially taking it into account that Giants are playing the ‘Boys in Week 1 of the 2017 NFL Season.