Cowboys Were Right To Release Bryant – No Team Wants Him!


There was some tension between Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant when the star wide receiver was released two weeks ago. Instead of goodbye, Bryant told his former employers that he’s going to see them twice a year. This meant that he was planning to stay in NFC East, playing for one of Cowboys’ fierce rivals. But, as things stand today, there were no NFC East teams interested in landing this player.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter noted on Wednesday that there aren’t many teams interested in Bryant on the league level. The only ones with a grain of interest were the Baltimore Ravens, but Dez rejected their offer. This might turn out to be a mistake. A three-year $21 million contract deserved more of Dez’s attention.

Bryant’s agent said that what his client wants is a one-year ‘prove it’ deal which would secure him an LTD year after. Former Cowboy receiver apparently thinks that he has what it takes to play on a high level for a few more years. As things stand now, NFL doesn’t agree with him.


Yesterday, chief of Dallas’s scouting department Will McClay said that the reason they released Dez was that his game was declining in every aspect. The production-based business such as NFL doesn’t have a place for players that are lacking production. Same as Cowboys, rest of the NFL franchises share this opinion.

What’s even more disturbing is the following statement made by Schefter: “There are far more teams that are unwilling to pay Dez Bryant the veteran minimum than there are teams willing to give him the veteran minimum type contract right now.”

At this moment, things don’t look bright for Bryant. It’s not like any of the NFC East franchises don’t want him, but the entire league seems to lack interest in him. If teams are not willing to give him a veteran minimum to play, he shouldn’t be hoping for a multi-million deal any time soon.