Cowboys Won’t Go To London In 2018

In the last few seasons, we saw NFL organizing games in London to further promote the sport and attract more fans from the Old Continent. And just recently we have received the list of duels that will be held on both Wembley and in Tottenham, and again, Dallas Cowboys franchise is not on the list.

NFL made a deal to send teams to London, and at least two matches need to be played there through 2024. On top of that, this is only a prelude to what will come as a new 10-year deal is being prepared, but this time those games will be played in Tottenham. The first clash that has been scheduled for 2018 will be the one between Seahawks and Riders.

Let’s get back to the franchise that currently pretty much has the highest value of all sports teams. Their last match in London was in 2014 season when they played against Jaguars in Week 10. That one was finished with America’s Team victory 31-17.

Since that game they did not go to London, they were not on the list for the last year, and they are not for 2018. We can agree that this is quite strange as we do know that this is one of the most popular franchises in the world and a huge number of people from Europe cheer for this squad.

This might not be all that bad for Cowboys as any team that goes to London will definitely need to make some serious schedule adjustments. Only the flight will take out about 12 hours, add to that various transfers from teams facilities to the airport, later to the hotel, change of time zone and similar, and you are getting pretty tired and spent squad. We don’t have to say how tough every game is on these guys and when you add that excursion to the list, it can be quite harsh on players.

Three games that will be held in the UK are Seattle Seahawks vs. Raiders on October 14, and this one will be played at Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Two more clashes are Eagles vs. Jaguars and Titans vs. Chargers, and these are scheduled for October 21, or October 28, at Webley Stadium.