The Easiest and Affordable Way to Create an Explainer Video

Business advertising may seem easy at first glance. With a couple of clicks, you can promote on social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. Yet, things are not simple as you think. That type of opportunity is available to everyone. Because of that, you will need to get out of the box and figure out which type of promotional tool is the best one for your needs.

The first thing you should have in mind is the fact that people do not like to read a lot. Instead of that, they would rather interact with video content. However, that doesn’t mean it will be enough to record a video, make certain edits, and become a millionaire. You need to decide on a type of video that will bring the best possible results. One type of video that deserves your attention the most is – explainer video.

If you haven’t heard about explainer videos so far, then you deserve an explanation. It is a type of online marketing video that is usually short, and business owners use it to give more information about the services and products they offer. The best possible place to put your video is on your landing page. Entrepreneurs place them there to convince people to take action (purchase the product). That’s probably a reason why different researches confirm that explainer videos have the capacity to boost the conversion rate by around 58%. Doesn’t that look like an excellent opportunity to improve your business?

But, How to Create an Explainer Video?

You have two different options. One option you have is to collaborate with video production companies with long experience in that industry. There are many companies like Spiel Creative that can help you reach your goal. The professionals know how exactly to make a video that will boost your engagement rate and help you improve your sales.

Another option you have is to try to produce a video alone. It doesn’t matter if you are not familiar with video editing. There are a couple of stages you should pass to reach your goal, and we made a list that will guide you. Let’s find out those stages together!

Start with a Video Script

The video script is actually an outline of the video you plan to produce. Every big goal that you have starts with a plan, and that is the reason why we believe you should start in that way. But, how exactly should you write a video script?

Experts at Spiel Creative believe that you should write the script alone because you clearly understand the goals you want to reach with the explainer video. Despite that, you know which requirements and expectations your target audience has. Their interests and concerns are something you should follow. More precisely, the storyline of the video as well as other elements that a video contains should be based on their needs. Write down everything that a video should contain and continue with the remaining stages after you complete that.

Choose the Right Type of Explainer Video

You should know there is not only one type of explainer video. You can choose between live-action and whiteboard explainer videos.

Live-action videos are the type of video that has non-animated promotional elements. In case you are selling a physical product, this option will be an ideal opportunity to promote it. Live people in the videos make everything more realistic, and that usually leads to a stronger connection between customers and businesses.

On the other hand, with whiteboard videos, business owners try to promote their products with animations. These videos are often cheap, and they do not require a lot of time.

Record the Voiceovers

Well, you once again have a couple of options when we talk about voiceovers. For instance, you can do that by yourself. However, most people do not have the appropriate voice for something like that. Because of that, hiring a professional voice actor will probably bring better results. However, you can now create natural sounding AI voices which sound just like a human using the Murf AI software. With the help of this tool, you can make high-quality voice over for your videos in 20 languages across the globe.

There are two options that may be appropriate for your needs. One option you have is to look for voiceover actors on Fiverr. It is a freelance platform where you can find relatively cheap clients (the entire service will cost you $5). Believe it or not, voiceover actors usually charge per second. Because of that, we believe that Fiverr is a much safer option.

Despite Fiverr, you can always check out Craigslist. It is a platform where different professionals, including voiceover actors, try to connect with people like you. For a relatively affordable price, you can find an expert that will complete this part of the job.

Use the Best Method to Create an Explainer Video

First of all, as mentioned above, no one expects you will be a professional video producer. Becoming a pro in that field requires years of hard work and dedication. If you don’t feel confident in your skills, you can always hire a professional to complete the job instead of you.

On the other hand, you can always hire freelancers on platforms like Upwork, Ithire and PeoplePerHour that can help you as well. These people may not be experienced as some professional companies, but their knowledge and skills will probably be enough to turn your idea into reality. Of course, it is necessary to carefully choose the person that you play to pay.

Use Appropriate Sound Effects

Video without music…we believe you agree it can be monotonous to see something like that. However, don’t expect every type of sound effect is going to bring the best results. For instance, if you are selling medical products, imagine how the viewer would feel if the sound in the background is “serious”. The sounds need to convince him that your product is a solution for his needs. Because of that, it would be appropriate to add some relaxing and happy sound effects in that case.

YET, you must not make one huge mistake here. Not all sound effects you can find online are free for commercial use. Because of that, check out if the music you decided on comes with a license or not. Don’t hesitate to spend an extra penny if the effects are matchable with the storyline of your video.