How to Create Effective Training Videos That Keep the Viewer’s Attention


Among the different sources of information, the most popular one is video. You can share any sort of information and improve learning and development. So when you are working on training, you can definitely do it through videos. Through training videos, you can share important information with your employees.

The main reason behind this is that documented files are difficult to read. They are filled with data and so much information that it becomes boring after some time. On the other hand, videos have animations and different other means through which you can learn things quickly. You can make videos interesting and can also deliver your message in a compact form. Thus, it won’t be a boring thing for the employees and this will also improve their learning.

Tools that you need

When it comes to making and creating videos, there are some tools that are a must to have. Therefore, you will need them to create the best masterpieces.

Screen Recorder


There are trainers who give lessons both online and offline. The content of the lesson remains the same for a long time. Therefore, it is much more convenient to record the lesson and use it later on. Many companies use this method. They arrange a trainer and record his lesson and then they can use that for later training sessions.

Therefore, for recording the lessons, you will need a screen recorder. And not just any recorder, but something that will offer other options too. So if you are looking for a screen recorder we would suggest It will allow you to record your screen and deliver your point through a video. Furthermore, you will have the option to edit the video and share it with anyone you want.

Video Editor


Even the best ones can make mistakes. So when you are delivering a lecture, it is likely that you will make some mistakes. Therefore, you will need an editor that will let you edit the mistakes. Furthermore, you can also cut out some of the parts and make a shorter video. For example, an important message was delivered in a few seconds. So you can just get that part separately and attract more viewers.

Making interesting videos


So when you are making videos, you have to keep in mind a few things. If you plan things beforehand, you will be able to create effective training videos.

1 – Selection of topic

The first and most important thing that you should keep in your mind is the selection of the topic for your video. When you are making training videos, the topic will be the name. For example, if your employees need training on new software that you are going to use in your company in a few days, you will keep the title of the video the same as the name of the topic.

However, you cannot just teach everything in one video. Therefore, you will create a subheading for the things that you are going to discuss in the video.

For example, if you are teaching one particular command, you can create a video for that. Such videos are short and deliver a message that will be useful for everyone.

2 – The type of video you want to create

The next thing that you should consider is the platform that you are going to use. For example, if you are creating short videos, you can post them on your social media accounts. However, if your training video is for an hour, how can you expect someone to go and watch it on social media? No one is going to spend an hour on a training video because we mainly use social media for relaxation. Therefore, watching a short of a few seconds or even a minute is possible but not an hour.

If the topic is really important and you need your employees to grasp the concept properly, you should make them sit at one time and make them watch the video. Because if you assign it as a home task, most of them probably won’t do it. You can share such a video on your official website. Thus, employees will be able to watch it later on.

Furthermore, you should also create videos according to the type of training. For example, if the training requires hands-on practice, you cannot teach it properly through a video. And what if the learners have a few questions? Therefore, you should consider all such factors while creating your videos.

3 – Create a storyboard


Preparations are needed before doing anything. So when you are creating a video, you need to prepare everything beforehand. Do not just start making the video. Prepare all the things that you will need. And not just the things and tools but also the sequence of events.

If you are making a training video, you need to start with the basic things. Later on, you will move forward to the next steps. And then the steps where you can give reference to the previous ones. Therefore, it is quite important to create your storyboard before starting the video. In this way, the risk of making any mistake will be very low.

4 – Recording your video

Finally, you will start making and recording your videos. Do everything according to what you have planned. If you are making a video, you will do it. If you are giving training, you should prepare your screen recorder and start recording the lesson.

5 – Review and editing


Now you have got your video. What will you do then? Of course, you cannot just post it anywhere. After getting the video you will do editing wherever needed. You can cut out the parts if you think that it was not necessary. Likewise, you can add animations or do editing where you think it is needed.

After you are done editing the video, review it again and you will have your video ready.