Ways to Create a Private Backyard Paradise

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Creating decorative backyard tricks with your own hands from scrap materials, you should observe the following conditions:

  • mandatory presence in the design of a sense of proportion and taste. If there are a lot of crafts or they are located in an inappropriate place, a feeling of clutter will appear;
  • If old furniture is lying around at home, do not rush to throw it away – it can be useful for creating an interesting composition in the country
  • when creating a decor from scrap materials using plants, it is necessary to think over the mode of watering, lighting, and ventilation necessary for their full vegetation;
  • objects made of wood and metal must be treated to preserve their integrity and aesthetics. One of the best ways to decorate your yard is decking, this method not only looks fascinating but also will live throughout the years.

Useful advice! When decorating a backyard, you should avoid using plastic items, as they are exposed to ultraviolet radiation and may lose their beautiful appearance over time.

Do-it-yourself recreation area in the country: traditional and original options

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The recreation area in the country is a combination of originality, aesthetics, and comfort. You can build a gazebo or make a shed. To do this, use blanks (logs, boards) of natural shapes. This option will be harmonious among oasis flower beds of various heights and trees with a tent-like crown.

You can also build a wooden podium or a rounded raised platform as a seating area. This design is appropriate for areas with a large number of flower beds and low-growing plants. For convenient use, the site should be equipped with wide and not steep steps.

The main thing in the design of a summer cottage is to optimize the space, which allows you to create pleasant looking and cozy corners

By developing and implementing the design of a backyard with your own hands, you can create a recreation area, the top covering and side fences of which will be curly and densely planted plants. This is a complex design, but it has an original image. Feeling the closeness of living greenery while drinking tea or reading a book promotes relaxation, a state of balance and peace.

Do-it-yourself crafts can complement such a zone: it will not be difficult to make a wooden candlestick, a flower vase, or ikebana. These interior elements will contribute to the creation of coziness and comfort. If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own, dried pampas grass for sale is readily available online for purchase.

DIY furniture for the backyard: pallet exclusives

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Furniture that is no longer used in city apartments and houses is most often taken to the backyard. It is functional, but it is not always possible to stylize it, especially if the furniture is made not of solid wood, but of wood materials: chipboard, fiberboard, MDF. This method of furnishing saves money, but limits design possibilities since the furnishings are often also heterogeneous.

Excellent material for making furniture for a backyard with your own hands is pallets, which have the following advantages:

  • eco-friendly material;
  • easy to process;
  • has the optimal dimensions for modeling;
  • affordable.

Due to their design, pallets are great for making garden furniture with your own hands.

You can buy pallets at any store that sells building materials. Traditional dimensions: 1200×800 mm, the distance between the slats is 40 mm. Euro pallets are sold shallowly sanded and painted. Used pallets can be purchased as an economy option.

It is easy to make any kind of table from this material: dining, magazine, dressing, and even writing tables. The pallet is easily cut with a jigsaw or a saw along the boards and perpendicular. Stable legs are obtained from perpendicularly cut elements. If the cracks interfere with the full use of the surface of the pallet as a tabletop, the boards can be removed and, adding an additional 1-2 elements, lay them with a denser shield. You can put the glass on top – this makes the design even more interesting.

When arranging a backyard with your own hands, a significant amount of time has to be allocated for the manufacture of benches and stools. In such cases, it is also recommended to use pallets as material. Various designs are possible: wide, narrow, with or without handrails, with backs, in the form of sofas (in this case, soft pillows are needed), transformers (a wide bench turns into a bed when the back is reclined). And this is not a complete list of models.

During the manufacture of furniture, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

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  • when placing one pallet on another, niches are formed, which are convenient to use for storing various items;
  • when making a composite tabletop, you can place the plank pieces perpendicularly, you get an interesting model.

Pallets can be used to make bookshelves, shoe shelves, flower stands. The surface is better processed. In this case, the coating looks aesthetically pleasing, and the danger of scratching or driving a splinter will be eliminated.

DIY crafts for a summer residence: decor from recycled items

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If the already equipped area looks too “correct”, monumental, has continuous straight lines, liveliness and variety can be brought to the backyard by handcraft. And for this, there is no need to purchase anything.

Does the veranda or terrace look boring due to the lack of flowers? This situation is easy to change. At any backyard, there is a pair (or several pairs) of worn-out boots or rubber galoshes. Insert pots of flowers into them and come up with an interesting arrangement for such shoes. Such a flower garden can also be placed along the paths.

No need to get rid of the old baths. A flowerbed in such a container can be an excellent idea for a garden and a summer residence. It is necessary to decorate the outside with paint or paste over it with small tiles, pebbles, fill it with earth, and plant the desired plants. It is recommended to place such a flower garden where there is not enough bright vegetation.

You can use an old metal bed to create interesting backyard decor by tightly placing pots and containers with plants on it, among which there must be those that are falling down. They will imitate a bedspread. An interesting raised flower bed will turn out. The headboards should also be decorated using climbing plants or various objects: bells, balls, garlands of small wooden forms, bugles.

When cutting or uprooting an old tree, it is worth taking a good look: is it possible to guess in the intricacies of branches or roots a figure, object, plot? Perhaps, by processing and placing a snag on the site, it will be possible to create a wonderful fairy corner.

Convenient materials for making country crafts are tires, old boxes, wooden and metal barrels.