Cristiano Ronaldo and his beloved Georgina Rodriguez

Only a month ago, famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo and his new girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez decided to show up together in public. Since then, the couple has been seen together on various occasions, including a romantic dinner in Madrid this week. Not only do they spend much time together, but they also seem to be very much in love. They spent the whole evening laughing and kissing, focusing their attention only on to each other.

Ronaldo couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful girlfriend, and we can’t blame him. She was wearing a tight blue dress which fits her body perfectly. She also matched her high-heeled black sandals with black Gucci leather purse. The 31-year old football player opted for a suit jacket and jeans combination, with his white shirt partly unbuttoned, showing his muscles and several silver necklaces.

It has been rumored that the couple met when Dolce & Gabbana hosted an event just after Ronaldo’s breakup with Desirée Cordero Ferrer, the former Miss Spain. Soon afterward, Georgina Rodriguez, who, according to The Sun works at a Gucci store in Madrid, came to Santiago Bernabeu stadium to watch Real Madrid’s match and give her support to Ronaldo.

Before his encounter with Georgina, Ronaldo enjoyed numerous short-lived relationships. Irina Shayk, Russian Victoria’s Secret model, Paula Suarez, a model from Colombia, and Chloe Green are only some of his ex-girlfriends (or at least the ones that were rumored to be his girlfriends).

While he was dating Paula Suarez, her identity was a big mystery for some time, until they were seen on a luxurious yacht in June this year. Chloe Green was only rumored to be Ronaldo’s girlfriend for a long time, but then she decided to post an autographed message from Ronaldo on her Instagram account. The message said: “My love Chloe.”