Cristiano Ronaldo is Getting Married?

Cristiano Ronaldo is close to getting married. Is he really? According to Portuguese tabloid Correio da Manha he and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez can imagine themselves going down the altar. This tabloid has stated that despite their relationship being in early stages pair is already considering future steps and one of them is marriage.

The Ronaldo-Rodriguez talk started just a few months back with first photos following shortly after. In the beginning, it seemed that pair wanted to keep they relationship as low profile as they can, but their story soon became as public as it can get when you are dating one of the globally most famous athletes. The first appearance together as a couple of Georgina and Cristiano was at the Worlds Footballer’s Gala on 9th of January 2017. Rodriguez (21) and Ronaldo (31) posed together with Ronaldo’s son for photographers. Portuguese superstar is one of the most successful players that have ever graced the green fields of a football pitch, and now it seems that he will find not only success but also happiness in his personal life.

Friends of Portuguese ace from Real Madrid have gone public and said that Ronaldo has plans to bind himself with Georgina in sacred matrimony by the end of 2018. The exact date has not been stated because it doesn’t exist just yet. Considering duties that Ronaldo has towards Real Madrid and Portugal national team, the wedding ceremony would probably take place in the summer months of the next year.

According to the same Portuguese tabloid, another thing that pushes the odds in marriage direction is Cristiano’s mother. She has publicly accepted her son’s latest companion and gave blessing for their impending marriage. This kind of support was never given to any of previous Ronaldo’s girlfriends, Irina Shayk included. The Russian supermodel didn’t have any favors with Maria Dolores.

In the end, Georgina Rodriguez’s excellent relationship with Cristiano Jr. is something that Real Madrid ace keeps in high regard. His son means everything to him, so acceptance between his son and his chosen one is vital. This is especially important if they are going to have children of their own which they will if Ronaldo pops the question and propose to his girlfriend.