Cristiano Ronaldo Home Alone

Soon enough we will have the opportunity to see famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo outside the football pitch and on the small screen. Real Madrid star has already been called a movie star as well after the release of “Ronaldo” (2015’s documentary film), but this time his role is going to be somewhat different. While we could see Ronaldo in many commercials so far, this will be slightly different.

Inspired by the 1990’s classic “Home Alone,” Porto FC sponsors and telecom company Meo have come up with the idea of producing an advert that will imitate some of the numerous iconic scenes from this all-time favorite Christmas movie.

Just like little Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) has to cope with various difficulties having been left home alone, 31-year-old Ronaldo is also trying to live on his own since his family members have forgotten about him. Some of the most memorable scenes that are to be recreated in the advert are the following: family rushing around the crowded airport trying to catch their plane, Ronaldo playing television gunshots so as to scare off the pizza delivery guy as well as putting aftershave on his face and screaming afterward. Finally, the very ending is also the same – the family is coming back home, and everything is back to normal.

At the time, Ronaldo is on international duty since he has returned as one of the Portugal squad members ahead of the World Cup qualifier, preparing for their clash with Latvia on November 13. Just a few days after that, on November 19, he will face Atletico Madrid with his team, trying to stay at the top of La Liga.

However, one never knows what future has in store, so Ronaldo may as well pursue the career of an actor once his football career is over.