Cristiano Ronaldo managed to offend more than 500 million people

When you are a normal person, to say so, someone who isn’t famous, it’s hard to insult so many people all at once. When you are Cristiano Ronaldo, this feat is not so hard to accomplish.

Just like many other celebrities, Ronaldo is very active on social networks. Most of the time they serve for self-promotion and communication with fans but sometimes they can have an adverse effect. When Portugal superstar posted a photo of himself posing next to a statue of Buddha, he definitely didn’t think that someone could react badly to it.

Millions of people have photos with religious content to say so, and taking a picture next to a Budha statue is nothing out of the ordinary. The thing that attracted the attention of the World is Ronaldo’s attitude while taking this photo. He was careless and put his right foot on the statue.

Everything that he wanted to do was to wish ‘Good day’ to all of his followers, but the ‘leg’ detail was the thing that made fans and followers mad. Through emoticons and comments, they made it clear that he was way disrespectful to the Buddha statue and the things it represents.


One of the comments stated that he is sure that Ronaldo didn’t want to insult anyone but that he was just uneducated in Buddhism way. Buddhist from across the world didn’t stop to accuse Real Madrid player of being disrespectful to their religion and the father of Buddhism. If you take into account that more than half billion people in the world respects and admires Buddha you can tell that Ronaldo managed to insult quite a few.

Part of the fault can be blamed on Ronaldo’s team that is in charge of maintaining his social accounts. This picture shouldn’t have seen the light of the day, but on the other hand, Ronaldo should know better.
The lesson for the future, we are sure.