Cristiano Ronaldo May Star in a TV Series with Angelina Jolie

In February last year, while he was working on a menswear line promotion, Cristiano Ronaldo was honest about his wishes for the future, and he admitted that one day he would like to star in a movie if he had a chance. Well, it seems that that day is now coming closer.

Hayat Koprusu” is the upcoming TV drama which depicts troubles Syrian refugees have to deal with. It has one particular Syrian family in its focus, and it follows their life after the beginning of the civil war when they fled for Turkey. According to a website Turkish Football, it is highly likely that the great Real Madrid star will take part in this project.

Namely, Eyup Dirlik, the director of the series, said: “There will be appearances from actors and actresses from all over the world including Cristiano Ronaldo, Angelina Jolie and (Arabic music star) Nancy Ajram.” Furthermore, he confirmed that they would start filming the drama in April this year, as he said: “We will begin filming in the first week of April; the series is about the plight of a refugee family and what they go through.”

We have also found out that the main location for the filming will be Gaziantep, the Anatolia region of Turkey near the Syrian border.

As for Ronaldo alone, it should come as no surprise that he may work on such project, as he has already expressed his support for Syrian refugees many times so far. When it comes to his possible role of an actor, we have already mentioned that the football player said he would love to try it out. Last year, he said: “Why not? It is not my objective at the moment, but I have had some invitations. It’s difficult as I have so many training sessions, games and competitions. But I would not close the door, it is something I like.”

Finally, he concluded: “I am sure that sooner or later I will be in a cast for a film, no doubt. But to play a small role to start, to pick up experience. Then to shine more in the future.”