Ronaldo £54m investment into hotel business

As you may or may not know, our favorite football star C. Ronaldo is a successful businessman. He is smart and thinking ahead, planning the life even after football. He decided to invest in a hotel chain, and this is his second one of four hotels in a £54m (around $69,400,000) investment.

Cristiano was caught in Portugal, after some time, together with the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team looking up at the screens with a satisfying smile on his face. His team played draw against Eibar earlier that night, and it can’t be that he was happy because of that. At that moment Barcelona was three goals down and maybe that was the cause of the happy smile, or it was because of his new flagship hotel is called “Pestana CR7 Lisboa” which was due to open in a few hours. He was indeed happy despite the draw, which is not that bad by the way because this was his night, a night for achieving personal goals.

Cristiano, together with his son, mother and uber-agent Mr. Mendes, showed up at the lavish opening and looked and felt really delighted about it which was clearly visible during his brief outing to his home country’s capital city. A lot of Cristiano’s friends and colleagues were here including the Portugal’s manager Fernando Santos who came to celebrate one more in the line of this shining star’s big achievements. Santos even gave a brief statement saying “I have known Cristiano Ronaldo since he was 18 years old. He is a person of great quality, with a huge will to win. He’s a man with his head in the right place and a great guy”.

How much C. Ronaldo is appreciated in the club or his hometown, besides the praise from his friends and acquaintances, is shown by his enormous fleet of fans that are always beside him. They were even here on the opening shouting his name when he came to the stage which he warmly greeted with a smile and a wave. All in all, when you look at it, he shines everywhere he goes and makes success in everything he does, and this wasn’t any different.