Cristiano Ronaldo taking over the social media in 2016

After 2016 we could easily admit that Cristiano Ronaldo dominated the world. Not only did he manage to win Championships League, Club World Cup and Euro 2016, but he also absolutely dominates the social media.

The Real Madrid forward ends this year pretty successfully if we take a look at all of his accomplishments. He contributed a lot to his club and his country as well. With Real Madrid Ronaldo won the Champions League and Club World Cup and his country, Portugal, he brought to a triumph on a Euro 2016.

But apart from all of this success, he is also taking the lead on social media as his posts represent a hotbed of emotions. If compared to all superstars in the world of sports, Ronaldo’s three posts on Facebook and five of them on Instagram have become the top posts as they have attracted most comments according to social analytics tool CrowdTangle.

When it comes to Facebook photos, the first image shows the famous forward holding the Euro 2016 trophy reminding everyone of his biggest dreams. The second one is kept in the frame of his family showing his son with his birthday cake, while the third one shows his team on a plane celebrating. The top post reached 7.4 million interactions.

As for the Instagram pictures, the two of them show the star with his trophy again. Ronaldo standing in front of his new car is also among these photos, as well as him on a podium celebrating with his team and another one in the company of the actor Jason Statham.

Only the Twitter top posts are not taken by Ronaldo, they belong to a gymnastics star Simone Biles as well as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, whose post reached the amount of 486,000 interactions.

All in all, this year could be regarded as Ronaldo’s best one in his whole career.