Cristiano Ronaldo Uses Medic’s Smartphone To Check Head Injury After He Scored For Real Madrid

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Real Madrid managed to defeat and humiliate Deportivo La Coruna with a 7-1 victory, but one horrific moment certainly marked this game. It was 84th minute when Ronaldo scored his second goal and Real’s sixth, but he also received a hard kick from defender directly to his head which left him lying on the ground with blood pouring all over his face.

He was close to the opponents net, and one ball that was delivered by Lucas Vazques from the side made him dive and score with his head. The problem is that in the process he collided with the defender’s foot.

It was a brave dive by Ronaldo, and while he managed to score the sixth goal for his team, it is a good question if he would do it again if he did know that he would end with a bloody face and serious injury.

Later on, after medics came on the pitch and helped superstar player, we could see another highlight of the game. Ronaldo wouldn’t be Ronaldo if he didn’t make one of a kind moves we are used to seeing from him. As he was walking off the field, he used medic’s smartphone to check out his injury, and he definitely didn’t like what he saw.

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It is a well-known fact that the famous footballer is earning a lot on the field, but he also gets huge amounts of money from sponsors and various commercials. With an added scar on his face that aspect of the business might not bring that much cash in the future.

The injury was treated at the side of the field where Ronaldo received few stitches and only a few minutes after that the game ended.

Among the most interesting things is the fact that CR7 used a smartphone to check out his injury and that was noted by many fans. It immediately became a sensation, and many commented on that saying that it is in Ronaldo’s fashion to do something like that. Hopefully, one of the best players ever will not have a scar right beside his left eye, and he will fully recover.