Cristiano Ronaldo’s “CR7” Chelsea Boots Revealed

Not only is Cristiano Ronaldo famous on a soccer field, but he also might have record-breaking kit sales and he possesses a line of the after shave. Now, a line of Chelsea boots is coming from the Portuguese soccer star.

This comes as no surprise since Ronaldo is famous in the fashion world. He wore a funny but fashionable sweater when posed with Sir Alex Ferguson right after he officially signed his contract with Manchester United. We can often see Ronaldo with supermodels and he has always paid extra attention to his outfit.

Now, he has his own brand, and he has been actively trying to expand it. The new boots are called Chelsea boots, and it appears that they are named after the English soccer club from West London. These Chelsea boots are priced at 199,99 Euros which we can see on

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He was interviewed about his tendencies to enter the world of fashion and about the shoes. He said: “Shoes. You like it? You don’t see the quality? We have, small details, you don’t have to have big details. When you work with the best team in the world, I think my team that my guys are. They work hard like me outside of football. Business is something that I like. In the future, I can see myself in that position.”

Cristiano Ronaldo also stated: “But now, as you know, I have to focus on football because that is my job. But outside of football, I have a fantastic team. Guys in specific areas that take care of me. I feel blessed for that because I have an unbelievable team. I like to know, it’s important. When something has your name you should be interested in the things going on.”

“Not only about my shoes but all the products, the hotels, the Nike products, blankets, headphones, many things we have. Of course, we are in control. They give me the information about everything. I’m not 100 per cent worried about things going on because we have a fantastic team,” said the 31-year-old player.

Besides boots, Ronaldo’s team also produces loafer and brogues. Moreover, the Real Madrid star signed away his image rights to Peter Lim’s company Mint Media. About this six-year deal Ronaldo declared: “I am very excited to announce my latest deal with Mint Media, owned by my good friend, businessman Peter Lim from Singapore, to acquire my image rights. This is a very strategic move for me and my management team to take the Cristiano Ronaldo brand to the next level, especially in Asia.”