Crocodile Attacks Lion That Decided To Go For A Swim

It is pretty hard to determine which animal is more dangerous, crocodile or lion. This also depends on where you are, if you are on the ground, the lion can easily get you, but if you are in the water, then you should be more aware of a crocodile. This is something that this lion found out the hard way.

In most cases, there are only a few animals that would even think about attacking the lion, and we are sure that this was the situation in which this lion didn’t expect to be. When the young king of the jungle decided to go across the Sabie river, it was suddenly attacked by a crocodile that thought it would get a tasty snack.

All ended well for the lion that somehow managed to make a quick getaway while the crocodile was left empty handed. To be honest, crocodile still had an advantage, but we think that he also was aware that the one he has attacked is one of the most dangerous animals so decided to back up.