Ted Cruz Says Donald Trump Team “Acting Like Union Boss Thugs”

Republican Senator Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz said Donald Trump’s team is “acting like union boss thugs” while pursuing delegates to win the nomination of the Republican Party. Cruz made the statement during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday.

“Donald and his team, it’s almost like they are subject in a course in clinical psychology. There are sorts of different behaviors they display, but one of them is projection. The conduct they do, regularly they accuse everyone else of doing,” said Cruz.

Cruz also accused Trump’s chief political advisor, Roger Stone of intimidating delegates by threatening to disclose their hotel rooms. He also noted that Trump’s supporters put out the home address and phone number of the Republican Chairman in Colorado and ended up receiving death threats.

He also noted the report from Indiana police about the threats to Republican convention delegates. Cruz said, “We shouldn’t be intimidating delegates.” He added, “What Donald doesn’t like is losing elections.”

Cruz believes he has a stronger position in a contested convention

The Texas Senator also stated that Trump will experience difficulty gaining the support of Republicans in a contested convention.

Cruz believes that he has a stronger position to earn the majority of delegates in a contested convention than Trump. According to him, “In Cleveland, I believe if it’s a contested convention … we’re going to be in the much stronger position to earn the majority of delegates and earn the nomination of the party.”

The Texas senator admitted that Republican establishment is not rooting for him. However, he explained that the rules is simple, a candidate must win a majority of delegates in the elections. He said, “I think the way you win is you make the case to the voters and you win their votes.”

Cruz did not rule out Rubio as his potential VP

When asked if he was considering former presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio as his running mate for vice president, Cruz did not directly say yes or no.

Based on his statement, he is not ruling out Rubio. In fact, Cruz described him as “very talented and amazing communicator.”  He added that Rubio run a campaign that inspired millions across the United States.

Cruz also admitted that Rubio’s underdog run for Senate in 2010 in Florida inspired him. “It was one of the inspirations that led me to run, two years later in Texas.”