The Curse Of Oak Island – New Findings And What Is Next (Spoilers)

Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island will come to an end soon, and the fans are still very optimistic, and they believe that the treasure can be found and the mystery solved. The Lagina brothers have tried so many times to find the exact location of the treasure, but they have failed over and over again, which doesn’t mean that they will not succeed in the end. Rick and Marty Lagina have everything to find the buried treasure – they have a team of tremendous people, latest equipment, and funds to continue with the quest. So far, they have shown determination and strong will, and if anyone could unveil the mystery of Oak Island, it would be these two.

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In the last episode of The Curse of Oak Island titled “All That Glitters,” we had a chance to see the team at the Money Pit and the swamp. The metal detection expert Gary Drayton went across the swamp with his metal detector in order to try to find anything useful, after the swamp had been drained. A large iron nail that resembles a railroad spike was found, but there is a possibility that this nail could as well be a deck spike from a Spanish galleon, as Drayton believes. This object will be examined by a professional, who will tell us where it is coming from. Could this be a breakthrough discovery?

The team also investigated a 21-foot-deep cavity called C1 at the Money Pit. The cavity was breached and the object Rick and Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse saw at the end of the previous season is believed to be made of gold.

We also got to see what is going to happen in the next episode of The Curse of Oak Island that is called “The Mystery of Samuel Ball.” In this episode, the team lowers a high-resolution camera inside the void, because they believe that if there is something valuable, it lies at the very bottom. At first, it seems like there are some gold objects in the cavity, but as it appears, this is just a rock and the reflection from the camera light gave it that golden sheen.

In the next episode, the team struggles to discover what lies on the bottom of the cavity due to poor visibility. Because of that, they decide to hammer grab for an object, after which they would run sonar. We could see the diver trying his luck, and as it appears, the hammer grab paid off, because something is brought up to the surface.

There is one more video that shows Drayton’s discovery from a swept area in the forest. Although it is hard to identify the object Drayton and Barkhouse are showing to Marty, we believe these objects are coins. After taking a look at the objects, Marty says: “1700s, that changes a lot. They’re not supposed to be here.”

We cannot wait to see the next episode because something important is about to be discovered. According to the shipwreck theory, the Spanish galleon is loaded with treasure and it stranded on the island in the 17th or early 18th century on its voyage from Havana to Spain. It is believed that the treasure belonged to Captain William Kidd or some other pirate since many pirates were spending time at Oak Island from 16th to the 18th century, but according to one theory, this treasure didn’t belong to pirates in the first place – it was hidden by the Knights of Templar. We sincerely hope that Rick and Marty Lagina will manage to unveil the secrets of the island and eventually find the lost treasure and establish the origin of it.

Do you think the Lagina brothers will find the treasure?