The Curse of Oak Island: Samuel Ball Mystery

This week’s episode of “The Curse of Oak Island” is dedicated to Samuel Ball and the mystery that his life still represents. Namely, some kind of metal, which seems to be similar to gold, has been found at a drill hole bottom and it is believed to date back to 1700s. However, the water is not clear enough, so it makes it much more difficult to determine whether this is gold or not. As for the possibility that it dates back to 1700s, the investigators believe that it would be of great importance if proven right.

What makes their search for this still not identified treasure particularly interesting is the fact that it might be related to Samuel Ball, a black man who lived between 1791 and 1846, the time when being a black man made it quite difficult to earn money and live a decent life.

Having gone through some trouble, Ball became a cabbage farmer, and he chose to spend a great part of his life on Oak Island, where he eventually owned more than 100 acres of land. This is why some people came to the conclusion that it was Ball who might have found gold on Oak Island. Thus the recent search for treasure has been related to him. Some investigators believe that he used whatever amount of gold he initially found only to buy more and more. They believe so because they find it impossible to collect all the money Ball earned only from a cabbage farm.

In addition to these possible explanations, there are also some people who are still skeptical about the Samuel Ball mystery and think that Lagina brothers actually planted some gold so as to try to raise the price of Oak Island land.

Watch the eighth episode and see what Marty And Rick have prepared for you, trying to make a connection between the Island great mystery and the American slave from the 18th century.