The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 Episode 9 – Echoes from the Deep Watch It Tonight

Rick and Marty have been trying to find the treasure buried somewhere on Oak Island and they are determined to solve the mystery for good. So far, the viewers have had a chance to see some interesting discoveries in the fourth season, but these findings are just a drop in the ocean.

In order to completely search the Money Pit, Lagina brothers have state-of-the-art machines for digging, but even that didn’t help them find the treasure or some important piece of information, a clue of some sorts that would aid them in some further investigation.

The last episode that was aired is called “The Mystery of Samuel Ball.” The team was examining the newly discovered metal which they had found, and this item can be associated with Samuel Ball, who was a slave in the US in the 1700s.

In addition, Rick and Marty decided that it was time to dry out the swamp, but instead of finding the treasure, they discovered a large iron nail. Although this seemed like an essential clue, they concluded that the nail was just a dog spice or a screw spike produced out of carbon steel.

The Lagina brothers have put their heart and soul into finding this mysterious treasure, but so far they have only managed to find small items and pieces that almost always turn out to be unimportant. Many fans have started to doubt whether the treasure even exists. Even Rick and Marty are not certain if there is treasure, but they want to find it so badly.

The tenth episode called “Echoes from the Deep” airs on January 10th at 9 p.m. at History Channel.